Nelly must be getting some pointers from Scandal star Olivia Pope, as he takes on the role of "the fixer" in the visuals for his new song, "The Fix."

Although his version of fixing is different than the Washington D.C. crisis manager in the song which features Jeremih. "Oh, I'll lay you down and go down / Girl, til I reach your ocean / So come and get this d---," Nellyville creator sings to his client "Ms. Jackson" aka his real-life girlfriend Shantel Jackson.

The "Don't Tell 'Em" crooner comes in with the chorus to solidify their marketing pitch: "When you need that fix, yeah, that medicine / I know you like it like this / When you get that itch, adrenaline," before adding "I got what you need, come f--- with me."

It seems the St. Louis native also consoles women outside of the office as well when he takes the red-haired Ms. Jackson to dinner. There, he rhymes "spread eagle, n---- eating like it's suppa time."

The rapper-turned-singer has some therapist chops though as viewers get a peek of his notes, which simply state "commitment" and "trust" with several underlines for emphasis. Although the video ends in a cliff-hanger after Nelly runs out of time with his client before they get to a solution to her problem. And it's also time for his next patient.

DJ Mustard flexes his skills as he flips the sounds from Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" in the catchy song. And one of the highlights from the video comes as Nelly sings the original hook "I can't hold it much longer, I'm getting stronger and stronger" as he smiles and shows off his muscles. Aristotle took the helm for the video work. His marketing team, By Any Means, has been behind the visuals for 2 Chainz's "Crack," Kid Ink's "No Miracles" and Nas' "Bye Baby."

Watch Nelly get his fix on above.

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