There are plenty of what ifs in hip-hop, but Nelly offered possibly one of the biggest in the genre.

Last week, Nelly went on his Instagram page to proclaim that rap legend The D.O.C. is the “biggest what if in hip-hop.”

“Listen, I know a lot of people got they own opinions about hip-hop but the biggest what if in hip-hop has to be The D.O.C.,” he said. “It has to be. The D.O.C. has to be the biggest what if in hip-hop history."

"Like if you know anything about hip-hop and you research it," he continued. "I love all my young niggas. I don’t knock y’all. I support all my young brothers but the biggest what if has to be D.O.C."

What Nelly is alluding to is The D.O.C.'s short-lived rap career. After writing for N.W.A., the Dallas, Texas native went solo and released his debut album No One Can Do It Better, which was entirely produced by Dr. Dre.

The album is considered a classic and launched West Coast rap and The D.O.C. himself into hip-hop prominence. Sadly, in 1989, he was in a near-fatal accident, and subsequently, destroy his vocal chord, which forced him into early retirement.

So the question remains, "what if The D.O.C. didn't get into a car accident, what would have been his destiny in rap?"

"One album — that’s all you got. One album," said Nelly. "I would say Biggie but Biggie at least got off two albums and we all recognize him as being one of the greatest but the biggest what if is The D.O.C. Do your research."

The D.O.C. would later undergo voice therapy in 2009 and is able to speak although with a distinct rasp in his voice. Currently, he lives in Dallas and is the father of three children, including his 14-year-old daughter Puma Curry, whose mother is Erykah Badu.

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