Nelly's rape accuser, Monique Greene, checked into a hospital citing emotional distress, TMZ reports.

Greene reportedly had a phone conversation with a friend last Thursday, which left the friend feeling as though Greene was under emotional distress. The friend called the police and asked them to make a welfare check on Greene. The friend felt Greene was "continuing severe emotional distress related to the alleged Nelly rape and the aftermath."

When emergency personnel arrived, they felt it was best to take Greene to the hospital, and she went voluntarily. She was there for a few hours before she was released— there was no talks of suicide from Greene.

Though she refused to testify against him in a criminal case,  Greene is suing Nelly for sexual assault and defamation. According to the suit, Nelly forced himself on her orally and vaginally. Greene says she tried to dissuade him by saying he needed to wear a condom, but he refused and continued assaulting her.

Nelly has denied the accusations and is countersuing, claiming he's "suffered very real damage to his reputation,” according to his lawyer.


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