For years rappers have been known to dabble in other areas of entertainment besides music, and it looks like Nelly is the latest entertainer to add another gig to his plate: radio disc jockey. The St. Louis native will work as a disc jokey for his hometown station Hot 104.1 (WHHL-FM) starting today (Aug. 11).

Nelly will take over for the regular DJ, Staci Static, who is currently on maternity leave, for the 3-7PM "drive home" shift. The 35-year-old is expected to hit the airwaves for about a month. "It made perfect sense for the hometown boy to do it for the short term," said, WHHL's program director, Mickey Johnson. "I was looking for someone local and someone who had that star power, someone not to replace Staci but [someone] who could continue to drive the ratings and make it interesting."

The Grammy winner will be working solo but due to his status will more than likely snag interviews with some of his music associates. Although the job does provide the perfect publicity platform for Nelly to promote his upcoming '5.0' album, according to Johnson that is not the reason he took the job. However, if the 'Country Grammar' star decides to play his new music it will be "a natural way that fits within the format of the station." '5.0' which is slated for a Nov. 16 release.