April showers don't just mean May flowers. The spring month also blooms with iambic pentameters and tetrameters, marking National Poetry Month. Since it's birth in the Bronx in the late '70s, hip-hop has often been tied to poetry, with MCs often considering themselves spoken-word poets who rhythmically deliver prose over a beat. Lyrical poetry it's been called. Jay-Z has vouched rap is poetry. "It's thought provoking, there is thought behind it and there is great writing in rap as well," he once said.

The BoomBox went back to our ol' Poetry in America 101 campus notes. We intermixed lines by esteemed poets Allen Ginsberg, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allen Poe alongside verses by well known rappers and R&B artists, leaving it to the reader to decide the rightful author of the lines. Can you guess if the words were uttered by famed poet Emily Dickinson or songstress Beyonce? How about Nas or 1950's wordsmith Allen Ginsberg? Share your score in the comments. No cheating!

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