The day after his funeral, hip-hop legend Nate Dogg was remembered at the DUB car show and concert at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Sunday, March 27.

Though thousands of car enthusiasts attended the DUB car show to see an array of shiny toys, the concert portion of the event, which also featured Lupe Fiasco, Game and Waka Flocka Flame, took a memorial turn when fellow L.A. hero DJ Quik introduced Nate Dogg's son, Nigel, for a performance of Nate and Warren G's classic 'Regulate.'

"It's just a lot of positive energy in there, man," Power 106 radio host Big Boy said of event, which was packed with "R.I.P. Nate Dogg" t-shirts. "Of course, yesterday it was Nate's memorial service and that was Nate's 15-year-old son right there. It's paying homage, man. We shared Nate Dogg with everyone around the world, so it's definitely up to us to make sure that we honor him. He opened up a lot of doors, man; he gave the world a lot of music. He loved where he was from and we loved him. It's like our honor and duty to make sure that we continue to honor him."

Also attending the event was Snoop Dogg's spiritual advisor Archbishop Don Magic Juan, who remembered the hook master, best known for his bridge on Dr. Dre's 'The Next Episode.'

"One thing about it is, we gonna miss our hook man," Juan said. "But we know he up in glory, doing some hooks for the Lord. He gonna be at a better place. So we're thankful that we had the time to enjoy with Nate."

Don Magic Juan went on to reveal that Snoop was so moved at Saturday's funeral for the G-Funk pioneer that he fainted. "Snoop Dogg fainted at the funeral, right by his casket, but we can understand that 'cause that's what they call a real homeboy."

Nate Dogg died on March 15, after a series of strokes. He was 41.

Watch Nate Dogg in 'Regulate'
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