Mystikal Former No Limit soldier Mystikal should probably not own a camera.

The rough-voiced Louisiana rapper was recently released from prison, after serving a six-year sentence for rape and extortion. The key evidence in the case was a videotape found in his house, which allegedly depicted Mystikal and his bodyguard forcing sexual acts on his former hairstylist.

News of another sex tape has now been revealed, and according to, a "large pornography company has a copy," which they are planning to release today (Feb. 17).

The tape in question is said to be different from the one used in his 2003 trial, and likely dates back to before his sentence, which means it was being held for the past six years in anticipation of the rapper's release.

In other news, Mystikal has been tapped to headline a Mardi Gras concert in Louisiana tonight. Festive!