In an interview with The BoomBox earlier this month, Mystikal talked up his recent comeback, hyping the music he's making as a member of the Cash Money family. He seemed thrilled about the new rhymes he's writing, but unfortunately, starting May 14, he'll have to take a three-month break from the studio. According to TMZ, the rapper has been sentenced to 90 days in jail following a February domestic abuse arrest.

The "Shake Ya Ass" rhymer has been on probation since 2010, when he wrapped up a six-year prison sentence for sexual battery and extortion. February's altercation was deemed a parole violation, hence the rhymer's upcoming return to jail.

When asked whether the structure of prison had been a positive influence in his life, Mystikal told us he "ain't need no damn whip or chain." Maybe not, but here's hoping this jail stay sets him on the straight and narrow.

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