Murs is back as promised with a new album, A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable, which dropped today (March 16) on his 40th birthday.

The project is deeply personal, with the veteran rapper talking about his ups and downs with depression and recent struggles.

"Have you ever had the feeling like you don't wanna die/But like, wait, still not wanna be here/That fog roll in and them days get dark/And it start getting hard for you to see clear," he questions on "Melancholy."

"I refuse to use one of the last forms of true magic left in this world. Music. To glorify murder and materialism," he said last week on Twitter of the album.

To that end, the 14-track project is produced entirely by Michael "Seven" Summers and features Tech N9ne ("Same Way"), Fashawn & Prof, XV, Propaganda, John Givez and Robots & Balloons.

Take a listen to A Strange Journey Into the Unimaginable below via Spotify.

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