Murs has teamed up with Boost Mobile to host the new live show Where You At? L.A. in conjunction with the launch of Boost's new unlimited music streaming plan. In an interview with Billboard, the veteran L.A. rhymer talked about what he hopes to accomplish with the show--and also revealed another ambition that involves a record-breaking feat.

"I want to represent hip-hop’s diversity and multiculturalism in general and L.A.’s hip-hop culture specifically," Murs explained. "My goal is to shake it up every episode with someone who is currently popular, someone who represents the future and someone who has done it in the past. I want to get new and older artists sharing the same platform so that there’s some unity whether you’re a gay artist, female, Latino, old school, new school. They’re all part of the L.A. hip-hop culture: past, present, future, overground and underground. In addition to surprise guests, we’ll have one tastemaker like an Estevan or Van Styles, who is part of the scene but doesn’t actually do music.

Murs also revealed that he wants to break the Guinness record for freestyling.

"We were talking about Boost’s unlimited music streaming program and how to get that across to consumers," Murs shared. "I’m like, we can do a 24-hour rap and started suggesting people for it. The more I talked, the more it seemed like something I could do. My mother constantly told me that if I spent as much brain space on other things as I did rap, I’d get somewhere. So now I’ll be running my mouth in a rap marathon [laughs]. I have a bunch of songs in my head so I think I’ve got 24 hours’ worth of raps.

He acknowledged that he may be in for more than he expects.

"People can go to bed, wake up and make sure I’m still rapping. Whenever you want to tune in, I’ll be there for 24 hours. The more I talk about this now, the more I think about 'what did I get myself into' [laughs]."

Murs dropped Brighter Dazehis collaborative project with 9th Wonder, at the end of 2015. The duo released the video for "Otha Fish," a Pharcyde cover, this spring.


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