We all know that Murs is a great lyricist but how great is he really? We are about to find out. The Los Angeles rapper will attempt to break the Guinness Book record for the longest continuous rap today (Oct. 12). Basically, Murs is going to rap for 26 hours straight and it’s being livestreamed on Twitch.

Hashtagged #BarsForDays, the event will feature Murs spitting lyrics from previously released material and new songs from his upcoming album. During his 26-hour rap marathon, the 38-year-old rapper will be allowed two hours of periodic breaks.

“It’s not going to be a freestyle. I’ll leave that to the champion, Supernatural,” Murs explained to AllHipHop.com back in July. “It’s going to be like rap karaoke. I’m going to do some of my own songs, some songs from my new album that no one’s heard yet, and some songs that I never put out that I really like."

We are quite sure that Murs is up for the challenge. It will be interesting to see if he can pull it off.

If you want to watch Murs live in action, head over to Twitch.tv/murs.

Good luck to Murs!

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