Philly rapstress Ms. Jade spent a good portion of the early '00s bubbling under, but her career never seemed to pop off. After years of flying under the radar, the mean spitter has reemerged with a candid interview talking smack about her former cohorts Timbaland and Missy Elliott, as well as fellow rap peer Foxy Brown.

After poking fun at Timbaland, Ms. Jade explained what went wrong with her mentor Missy Elliott, claiming that the kooky rapper jacked her style and didn't give her any credit. "When I first came out, my persona was the around the way girl. The Adidas sweat suits, the bamboo earrings -- she took that and ran all the way down the street with it," she explained. "A new artist, it looks like I was copying from her. Actually, it was the other way around. [...] Missy Elliott swagger-jacked me."

But Ms. Jade didn't entirely drag Missy's name through the dirt, stating that she couldn't confirm a supposed relationship with Missy and her protégé Tweet. "Not to my knowledge. You want me to lie? Not to my knowledge, I don't think so," she said. "We was in the studio, so I don't know what went on in that lady's bedroom."

Ms. Jade also addressed rumors of past beef with Foxy Brown, who supposedly came at her a few years back. "I'm good on her. I don't really know her. I'm cucumber girl. It's whatever," she said. "Listen, that's played out stuff. If you feel you got beef with me, then I got beef with you. And that's it. That goes for whoever. [She don't want it on] that note, she don't."

The Philly rapper released her sole album 'Girl Interrupted' in 2002, finding lukewarm success with the singles 'Big Head,' 'Ching Ching' featuring Nelly Furtado and 'Feel the Girl.' Over the past few years, she's been plotting a comeback, hopping on the official remix to Beyonce's 'Diva' and most recently releasing a song and video with Freeway.

Ms. Jade feat. Freeway, 'Blowing Up'