GuruIt's pretty sad that Mr. Cee has had to step up to do tribute mixes so often in the past year, but here we are again. This time around the Hot 97 DJ is honoring the ever-amazing Guru, and Cee's new mix, ripped off the radio on April 20 by Rap Radar, is a fantastic introduction and remembrance of one of the greatest to ever do it on the microphone. In the particular context of recent controversy surrounding the MC's relationship with DJ Solar and the potential fakeness of Guru's deathbed letter, this mix puts the emphasis back on an incredible life of music.

"We gonna pay tribute to a great man, a great rapper, a great humanitarian for hip-hop, my man Guru, Keith Elam from Gang Starr," said Cee. "We gonna play a straight hour of commercial free Gang Starr tunes in tribute to late, great Guru of Gang Starr, who just passed away."

Cee couldn't let things go completely, referencing the deathbed letter's claim that no one is allowed to pay homage or use Guru's likeness without legal permission. He forcefully stood up for his right to pay tribute any way that he likes.

"Shout out to the big homie DJ Premier ... Don't ever let anybody tell you," said Cee, getting choked up. "Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't show your love for somebody, that you can't pay your respects for somebody, that you can't show your appreciation to somebody. When somebody tries to shut you down and say that you can't do a tribute for somebody or you can't pay homage to somebody that it's gotta go through someone else, that's bullcrap. Ain't nobody gonna stop me from doing what I need to do for Guru. Guru belongs to hip-hop and hip-hop belongs to Guru. All that other nonsense that people is talking, I'm not trying to hear it. Right now, Guru's above the clouds."