Everyone loves a mom, whether their own or someone else's. They're the backbone of every family and their main goal is to nurture their children through every walk of life. Moms provide words of wisdom for every situation, preparing us for the winding road ahead. It's a dangerous world out there. However, celebrities in particular seem to have a very special relationship with their moms. As they travel through success and fame, they keep the advice their mothers have given them in their pockets at all times for safekeeping.

To celebrate Mother's Day (May 13), The BoomBox checked in with some of our favorite artists and industry experts -- 15 in all -- to tell us about their own moms. They share some fun anecdotes and bits of advice they received coming up under their mom's watchful eye, which can be read in the gallery of photos below. While many individuals showcased here are lyricists and writers, their mothers actually have the best quotables.

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