Mos Def and Obama

Mos Def isn't one of President's Obama's advisers, but that's not stopping him from giving his opinion on what the commander-in-chief should do in wake of the earthquake in Haiti. Mos told fans during a recent show at Manhattan's Highline Ballroom that he wants President Obama to head to the country, now in ruins since the natural disaster.

"Let me tell you something Mr. President. You better get down to Haiti! Secretary of state ... whatever, you better go." Mos said referencing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's trip to Haiti following the Jan. 12 quake. "Show up with some Banana Republic s--- on! ... Yeah, hurry up ... They need to see you. They need to see your black face up in the place. You know what time it is. Live up. Knock off the bulls---."

President Obama pledged $100 million in aid to the citizens of Haiti following the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake and ordered U.S. government members to make Haitian disaster relief their No. 1 priority. "This is a situation that calls out for American leadership," Obama said during a press conference. "This investment will grow over the coming year," he promised.