Mos Def will join four other prominent public figures to participate in a new storytelling series from New York City-based non-profit organization, The Moth.

The Brooklyn emcee will make an appearance at five showcases called A More Perfection Union: Stories of Prejudice and Power, where participants will present audiences with a personal, ten-minute story of an experience where they have faced discrimination. The other four presenters in The Moth series include Barney's New York creative director Simon Doonan, youth advocate Wes Moore, Paralympic athlete and actress Aimee Mullins and anti-bullying advocate Sirdeaner Walker.

The storytelling series is a part of the USA Network's public service initiative to promote tolerance in the upcoming year. The Moth series will debut in New Orleans, and stop at the New York Public Library on Dec. 6, before continuing on to Chicago, Denver and Seattle in 2011. The New York show will be presented by Time Warner Cable.

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