It doesn't seem that Remy Boy Monty is waiting around for his partner Fetty Wap to help him achieve success. In actuality, he's doing the opposite by putting out new singles and working hard.

Monty just dropped his new PnB Rock assisted-single "Let 'em Know," which has an ultra catchy hook and a bunch of radio friendly melodies.

"Monty, let them know, bro, you got to let them know / That I ain't like them singing n----- / I'm the type to let them go," sings PnB.

Afterwards, the Remy Boy chimes in and spits braggadocios styled rap lyrics in a nice sing-songy cadence.

"Monty, h-, I got this / Let me see you topless / They ain't really got sh-- / Shorty looking tropic / PnB and Zoo Gang / We gon' let the tool bang," he spits.

You can peep the new song below.

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