Fresh off being named one of 2017's XXL Freshman, PnB Rock blessed his fans with two strong singles, one of them called "Feelins" and the other "Time."

On the former, the Philly crooner admits to falling for a woman, to the point where he can't get her out of his mind.

"Got a n---- in my feelings, in my feelings / Know this sh-- ain't been the same, no we so distant / Know you miss how I be thuggin' on my hood sh-- / Girl, I miss how we be f----- and you ain't my b----," he sings.

Then on the dance friendly "Time," PnB shows even more vulnerability and tells his mate how important she is to him.

"I want you all to myself, I thought I told you I'm selfish / It's crazy, I knew how you felt with all of these girls, I can't help it / I can't lie, need you by my side/ Shawty you was down to ride / And all I did was lie and make you cry," he croons.

You can check out the two new songs below.

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