The Remy Boy Monty is back with a new track featuring Fetty Wap, and it could bring him one step closer to getting the shine he's been looking for. The song is called "Playoff," and the New Jersey rapper talks about his fast paced lifestyle, that's full of cash, women and warfare.

"I be ballin hard like the play / 23 for the kicks, MJ / Got a bad a-- b----, pretty face / Big ol' booty, with the itty-bitty waist / Heard you n----- want a war, let it spray / I'm a 22nd soldier, know a n---- love to play / Two iced out Rollies, check the face / I'm a trap boy, I be getting cake," spits Monty.

Fetty doesn't offer a verse on the song or join in on the hook but he does float his vocals around his partner's, which adds a nice, simple touch. You can check it out below to see if you agree. Plus, be on the lookout for the rapper's Monty Zoo project, which should be out soon.

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