As if YG's disdain for presidential hopeful Donald Trump wasn't enough, he recently decided to up the ante and obliterate the republican nominee to pieces.

This past Monday (Sept. 19), YG delivered a scathing video trailer for his "F--- Donald Trump Tour." In the video, an actor staging as Donald Trump is found on the phone belittling both African Americans and Mexicans.

"Yes I'm going to build a wall. It's gonna be huge. Big, beautiful wall, and the Mexicans are going to pay for it," says the actor playing Trump. "And don't worry about the blacks. They got 58 percent unemployment, lousy schools, walk down the streets of the neighborhoods, you get shot. What do they gotta lose?"

YG later walked in with his Mexican brethren and confronted Trump.

"Racist ass motherf---er," exclaimed YG.

If you recall, YG's poignant single "F--- Donald Trump" caused massive controversy to the point that he said that the secret service was keeping an eye on him. Plus, who can forget when he was forced to pull the plug on video for the single because the police came and shut him down?

YG just launched his tour and did so with gusto. Before jumping into the blistering single, he called on fans to jump onstage and knock out a Donald Trump pinata during his stop in San Diego. Take a look at the trailer above and the bashing above.

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