Missy Elliott and Keri Hilson both made public statements denying they were in a lesbian relationship after being dogged by Internet rumors. Started by a gossip site that claimed exclusive information from "an insider," many other online outlets picked up the rumor and reported that Hilson was seduced by Elliott and "may have even been in love."

Hilson was the first to rebuke the reports. In a Twitter message, she blasted the people that run such gossip sites and clarified that her relationship with Elliott was more of an acquaintance than even a friend. "Lies," she tweeted. "How do those ppl sleep at night? I love and respect Missy and her work, but we've never worked [together] and I've probably seen her five times in my life [sic]!"

Missy then responded to Hilson, claiming that the report was a complete lie. "Girl, it amazes me how we never worked together, and barely know each other, but they make up a full out lie," Elliott wrote.

If there's any silver living from yet another vicious online media stunt, maybe it will drive Hilson and Elliott to actually hit the studio together. We think Keri's R&B stylings might form a perfect hook for the return of Missy to the mic.

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