Bow Wow is being sued for over $90,000 in damages, and has incurred the wrath of a local mayor, after skipping out on two 2009 concerts in St. Charles, Missouri.

According to the suit, the former child star accepted an upfront fee of $50,000 from promoter Brad Gould of Macsimus Entertainment to perform at a family-oriented event at the Family Arena in St. Charles, in May of 2009, but failed to appear because his booking agency, ICM, claimed that the ticket sales didn't meet their expectations.

Bow Wow then promised to make up for the no-show by appearing at Gould's September Back 2 School Jam, a benefit for DARE, Youth in Need, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and several local charities, but once again bailed out on the performance,

telling fans that he missed his flight due to inclement weather, and then inexplicably missed his second flight as well.

While lawyers have spent months tracking Bow Wow down, in an an attempt to serve him papers, Mayor Lambi of Wentzville, a city close to St. Charles, has joined the fray, speaking out about the rapper's failure to appear.

"There were a lot of fans waiting to see [Bow Wow] and looking forward to the show," Mayor Lambi told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "The concert promoter had put a lot of work into it. It was kind of embarrassing for him because he got the mayor involved, the charities, and then the guy [Bow Wow] didn't show."

Gould is currently suing for his initial $50,00 fee, which Bow Wow is said to have pocketed, plus the $43,000 spent promoting the benefit concert, which included first class tickets for the rapper and his entourage, five-star hotel accommodations and special meals.

Bow Wow has yet to address the mayor's comments.

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