Miss Rap Supreme came back from one week hiatus with a whole bunch of early drama between Chiba and Byata, who broke out her usual "I wish you would" schtick, while Chiba reacted by wearing sunglasses. Nikki2States nervously smoked a cigarette, Rece drank a beer, then Cherry went to sleep with her fitted on. Wild.

Bree called her mom, who was very understanding about her career as every parent's nightmare. Seriously, where did things go wrong? Probably whenever the poor woman allowed her daughter to listen to rap and pick weird tattoos.

To introduce the show's challenge, MC Serch showed up rocking some country club shorts which led us to question whether this is the best dressed cast of refugees ever.

For inspiration Soulja Boy dropped by to kick knowledge to a room full of people twice his age, yet oddly forgot to mention "start a myspace page and make your own dance" in his motivational speech.

The challenge was to shoot a music video, and Byata's team (with Nikki and Rece) shot theirs on an actual yacht. Nikki delivered the quote of the episode while describing the shoot, "Breast nipples are hard, it's crazy out here!" Cherry's team (with Bree and Chiba) actually shot something pretty cool (Cherry killed the hook) involving a dinghy, male models and champagne. But they lost.

YoYo judged the competition dressed as Paddington bear. Nikki was awarded the golf hat and Foxy brown suite for acting like a meth-head on set. Then there was a rap-off between Cherry, Chiba and Bree, and Bree was sent home, presumably to find her alter ego Just Rhyme and move to a camouflage bandana themed cabin somewhere.