This week's episode opened with a salute to last week's fallen rapper D.A.B. that included a round of shots in her honor, presumably followed by another truth or dare make out session. After that touching moment of female unity, the girls went back to backstabbing and s---talking, while tensions continued to rise between Bi-ata and Chiba (who continues to wear her sunglasses at night, and all other times as well).

"The Jerzy Peach took things to a new level when she essentially called Byata a white devil," says Miss Rap Supreme producer Sacha Jenkins. "I don't think she really meant it, but then again, she put the Bible all up in the mix as a source of proof. Oh Lord, where is television going!"

The ladies were blessed with the opportunity to hang/rap with Too $hort. After displaying their skills for Mr. $hort, Nikki 2 Steaks, who came pretty hard at the veteran rapper and "ate his ass up," was given the golf hat. Her prize was a special room to sleep in equipped with a thong-rocking bell boy, who proceeded to get beat by all the rappers with a strap and a paddle. When he finally ran away, Lady Twist yelled after him to "get his skinny ass back here," but she could have been talking about anyone.
Since there are a lot of devils white people on the show, Ghostface Killah made a guest appearance and he brought Shawn Wigs! Unfortunately the only darts the Wally Champ had for the girls were that they needed to "have confidence" or whatever.

In the elimination round Byata did her thing, which YoYo was feeling in a scary way. Lionezz's ability to remember her verse stirred up applause and Miss Cherry (T-Pain's baby's mother) went bananas when it was her turn on the mic. Although Bree kicked a rhyme straight from Ani DiFranco's notebook that ended with "if women ruled the world there'd be a lot lesbians," Lionezz was ultimately asked to step off, for which she looked relieved.

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