"Like I said on the show, I've danced with the devil before and I can feel when he's near." Byata told us about her confrontation with Chiba on last week's episode of Miss Rap Supreme. "Once my vision was clear and I saw Chiba for what she was...I summoned the 'devil.' She showed her true colors and the exorcism began to take effect," she continued.

Well, the drama continued this week, as the show kicked off with a little Hamlet-in-the-hood routine, where the girls performed some "Shakzbeer" for acclaimed director John Singleton. Chiba came out the gate with the announcement that she was a budding actress and worked on three forthcoming films. Byata countered and claimed her acting coach compared her to Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Nikki and Twist went on to win the challenge with ease.

As the tension between Byata and Chiba continued to thicken, Twist reacted by getting knee deep in a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, and passing out on the floor. The rest of the girls did their usual routine; talking s--- while alluding to various mystical forces that would help them win the 100k prize.

When it came to the performance, Nikki's team, comprised of Rece and Byata, put together a pretty decent booty shaking routine, taking the challenge, while Twist's team was a hot mess.

Rece won the golf hat and the Salt 'n Pepa suite for the night, where she was serenaded by our man Aloe Blacc as "Thugg Crooner," performing a ditty that compared her to a walrus, her smell to hot dog water and celebrated the corns on her feet.

Finally, for the elimination round, everyone decided to wear the craziest thing they could find. Serch, the most subdued of the bunch, opted for the 'Squid and the Whale' look while YoYo went "Jambi" from Pee Wee's Playhouse. Somehow, Bree stepped it up the most, with a "Cholo John Wayne" ensemble, that was quite impressive.

When it was all said and done, they said goodbye to Lady Twist, who was one of the more talented characters, but the Chiba vs. Byata feud trumps talent. "Chiba and Byata are really coming undone." Producer Sacha Jenkins told the BoomBox. "And losing Lady Twist was especially difficult because how can you not love that woman? She's back in the Windy City, blowin' a big breeze now. Who knew that television could be so emotionally charged?"