Is Miley Cyrus firing shots at Beyonce?

Apparently the pop star took aim at the 'Drunk in Love' singer during an interview with Love magazine. “Beyonce has been a big inspiration to me but she’s been out for such a long time. She’s so talented and I think she’s at the top of the game now but people are always looking for new blood and that’s what I bring to the game now, new blood," Cyrus allegedly said.

Why is she so great? The 'Bangerz' singer boasts, "I got the total package you know, the curves, the rhythm, and the voice. I’m just the best.”

Since the new issue of Love arrives Feb. 3, this is all speculation now. Many are pointing to the interview as fake but we're certain the BeyHive will get to the bottom of this. Cyrus even renounced the magazine quotes as false. "That quote people MADE UP about Beyonce just made me lol! Imagine if I said I got "the looks and the curves I'm just better!" Bahahahhaha," she tweeted.

Beyonce has no doubt proven her position at the top of the pop charts. She recently broke the Internet with her successful visual album, 'Beyonce.' Queen Bey’s self-titled LP is the 12th biggest-selling album of 2013.

Check out Miley Cyrus' tweets taking aim at the magazine quotes below.