Mila J has taken us to the club, the beach and now in her new video for 'Champion,' she's headed to the boxing ring.

Suited up in boxing trunks, gloves and a lush red fur coat, the singer is ready to knock someone out. But that doesn't mean that she's lost her sex appeal; Mila dons a sports bra, panties and showcases expert dance moves. Even when she's dressed in a men's suit, her femininity and sultriness are front and center.

B.o.B. contrasts Mila's soft vocals with his aggressive delivery, which adds another dynamic to the visual. But don't worry, he doesn't steal her spotlight. She beats it up like Rocky as she sings on the hook.

'Champion' is off her 2014 EP, 'M.I.L.A.' The Los Angeles native is still working on her debut album and plans to drop it via Motown Records later this year.

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