B.o.B. isn't here for your "round Earth" conspiracies. The rapper and flat Earth proponent has launched a GoFundMe to raise $200,000 to help "prove" once and for all that the Earth is flat.

With a slogan of helping B.o.B. to "find the curve," the site says that the money is to purchase and launch multiple satellites into space; with B.o.B. keeping contributors updated via "step-by-step documentation of the process!"

B.o.B. made headlines back in January of 2016, when he first ranted on Twitter about the Earth being flat.

"Have u been to the edge ? or is that what your science book told you" B.o.B. fired back at one detractor. "You can regurgitate force fed information all day . . . still doesn't change physics."

Famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson even tried to sway B.o.B., but as you can see, here we are almost two years later, and Bobby Ray has yet to sway.

Back in August, B.o.B. tweeted about the solar eclipse. According to the Atlanta rapper, the eclipse did not debunk his theory about the earth being flat.

“A spherical object doesn’t reflect or refract light evenly across its surface,” he tweeted.

The rapper also tweeted his thoughts about science, saying he missed the “real science.” B.o.B wrote, “I used to love science as a kid. Now it’s just a religion that laughs at questions that challenge modern thinking.”

Good luck, B.o.B.


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