Mila J might be singing about having a hard time getting over a lost love on her song 'Pain in My Heart,' but instead of sobbing in her bedroom or taking out her anger by throwing things, the songstress hits the beach in the accompanying sexy video.

Dressed in a tiny bikini, a chain-mail tank and a green two-piece with a long and flowing green chiffon skirt, she walks along the beach and rolls around in the sand as she sings about her pain and heartbreak. Not only does she take a dip in the water, there's also dual images of the singer, adding to the visual effects and drama.

While Mila is dressed perfectly for the beach, Problem, who's featured on the track, doesn't look like he minds getting his jeans and footwear wet as he spits his verse. The two artists even stand with their backs leaning against each other, conveying the idea that Mila's ex is Problem -- at least in this situation.

Whatever your conclusions are on their dynamic, Mila's visual recalls the carefree days of summer.

'Pain In My Heart' is a song off her new EP, ‘M.I.L.A.‘

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