B.o.B.,Young Dro and London Jae hit up a dispensary in the new video for "Tweakin," a song off Bobby Ray's ETHER album, released in May.

The clip also features footage of the artists on the road—with shots of them on stage as well as hanging on their tour bus. The video is coupled with slow-motion special effects, adding to its creativity.

"I just got some head from shawty/I don't even know her yet/Real strong, real grown/Your boy ain't spazzin' on me, real feel homie/This fresh, rockin' Polo everythin' to the neck/Got five karats all in the grill, homie/Car foreign, y'all boring," Dro spits.

B.o.B. is lyrical, as usual on the track, offering up theories on the illuminati.

"Huh, I ain't got the illuminati money/But I got the boy you shouldn't try me money/Wonder why they haven't heard an album from me/Didn't sell my soul, they tried to buy it from me/Ha ha, not for sale/Ain't a fan of fairy tale," he rhymes.

The new visuals come after B.o.B. shared the videos for "Mr. Mister" and "Finesse," both of which are also featured on ETHER.  You can peep the new "Tweakin" video above.

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