It's great to see them back together, even if it's for only one song and video.

We're talking about the legendary trio Destiny's Child, as Michelle Williams debuts the visuals for her catchy gospel tune 'Say Yes' on 'Good Morning America,' and the video features guest appearances from Beyonce and Kelly Rowland.

The effort begins with Williams strutting down the street, simply dressed in jeans and a striped top, as she belts out "When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no."

Beyonce follows, sporting a flowing white gown, braids and gold bracelets, as she sings, "I'm not worried 'bout a thing / 'Cause I know you are guiding me," in her inviting, soulful voice, which is perfect to relay the warm message of the song.

Kelly Rowland closes things out with some very impressive vocal runs. "There's no limit to what you can too / 'Cause it all belongs to you," she deliver.

'Say Yes' comes from the Nigerian gospel hymn 'When Jesus Says Yes,' so the director of the video uses an African theme throughout, complete with celebratory dancing.

On 'Good Morning America,' Williams said being back with her Destiny's Child sisters reminded her of old times. "Sometimes the director or production assistants had to say like, 'OK, girls, bring it back home,'" she explained. "Bring it back together because when were were together, we go back to how we were when we were younger, just always laughing and talking abut things. It's been a great moment."

The song is the second single to come from her upcoming fourth album. 'Fire' was released last month.