Hip-hop's masked villain MF Doom pulled another concert no show this past Saturday night at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Billed as "MosDoom," with longtime supporter Mos Def also scheduled to perform, fans in attendance are claiming that Doom once again tricked them into thinking they would see him perform live.

The ever so mysterious 40-something-year-old rapper is notorious for sending imposters wearing his trademark metal mask to lip sync his songs at scheduled concerts. Even with a loyal underground following, the rapper continues to dupe fans at shows across the country.

Things looked bleak earlier in the night when Mos Def performed a few of Doom's most notable songs wearing a gold version of his super villain mask. The only reassurance the packed venue had were from Mos Def's attempts to calm the crowd down by frantically announcing that Doom was in fact in the building.Doom's latest alleged imposter didn't go over too well with fans who had paid for tickets and waited over five hours to see his performance. Concertgoers grew rowdy and restless after they had realized this was yet another disappointment and began pelting the stage with bottles after about ten minutes into the lip syncing performance by the visibly shorter Doom imposter. This was yet another let down by the emcee who continues to live his life behind a mask and walk the fine line between being hip-hop's most hated and celebrated villain. Check out video footage after the jump.