From the moment we heard Channel Orange, we couldn't get enough of Frank Ocean.

Between the orchestral arrangements to Frank's way with words, there was something that really struck a nerve with fans that not only made them fall in love with the Odd Future member's solo material, but also crave for more of his music in the years that followed the release of Channel Orange. There has been a movement pushing (or more like pleading) for Frank to share new music with the masses, but there have been numerous R&B albums that have had that gave you those same good vibes since the release of Channel Orange back in 2012. Remember Janelle Monae's The Electric Lady or the long-awaited return of D'Angelo with Black Messiah? What about John Legend's Love in the Future in 2013 as well as the more recent We Are King by King? And we can't forget the experimental ways of The Internet's Death Ego and Alessia Cara's honesty in her 2015 debut record, Know-It-All.

Beyonce and Rihanna's most recent offerings, Lemonade and Anti, respectively; had massive impacts on R&B this year--and not just because Bey and RiRi were the ones behind the LPs. Both albums represent major artistic steps forward for these two superstars; sides of their artistry that we've either never seen or haven't witnessed in some time.

So as we wait to see if Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry actually does get released on Apple Music today (Aug. 5), here are 20 other R&B albums released since Channel Orange that were also great.

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