Following his sentencing of two to four years in prison for a probation violation on Monday (NOv. 6), Meek Mill's lawyer has said that the judge is "infatuated" with him and wanted the rapper to sign with her friend's label and leave Roc Nation.

In an interview with Billboard, Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina said the judge, Genece Brinkley, has a vendetta against him. Tacopina also said the judge requested that he re-record a Boyz II Men song and shout her out.

"She's enamored with him," Tacopina tells Billboard. "She showed up at his community service for the homeless people. She showed up and sat at the table. She's a judge. You could pull any judge in America and ask them how many times they've showed up at a community service for a probation and the answer is zero."

The judge cited Meek's arrests this earlier this year (he was arrested for doing tricks on his dirt bike and for a scuffle in the St. Louis airport) as reasons for the sentence, however, both cases were ultimately dismissed.

"District attorneys and probation officers are not Meek Mill's allies," Tacopina told Billboard. "They're not his friends, but they're people who prosecuted him. They recommended no jail. When you have that and a judge does that combined with her private and individual acts and inappropriate requests and inappropriate actions, it's obvious to anyone that's been on the justice system at either side of the table what's going on."

You can read Billboard's full interview with Tacopina here.



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