The rap beefs, the backlash on social media, the much talked about-Nicki Minaj breakup. None of that seems to be stopping Meek Mill from maintaining his grind and living the good life, which he talked about on his new song.

It's called "Glow Up" and on it, the Dreamchaser spits about his flashy lifestyle — filled with women, expensive shopping sprees and a couple of intoxicants.

"I walk up in Neimans, spend 10K just like it's nothing / I hang with the demons, they don't play by me, we cutting / I was cooling out Atlanta / Mix the codeine with the Fanta / Off them Perccy's, I got stamina, I go monkey off that banana," he spits over production by the Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

The new single comes just weeks after Mill dropped his Meekend Music project on his birthday and announced the Against All Odds Tour with Yo Gotti.

You can see all of the dates for that tour here and listen to the "Glow Up" cut below.

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