Rarely do you see a song that's two year's old wind up on a new album, but that's exactly what MC Eiht decided to do with his cut "Runn the Blocc," featuring Young MayLAy, recorded  in 2012.

That particular version, which sampled Ronnie Laws "Title Wave," was recently remixed by DJ Premier, who added a nice boom-bap component and a much darker feel. The track will be on Eiht's forthcoming LP Which Way Iz West, which will be the Compton spitters 13th solo album believe it or not. The project will also be released on Preemo's label Year Round Records, as well as Eiht's Blue Stamp Records as a joint venture, which both artists talked about.

"I'm a huge fan of Young MayLAy from the West Coast, and he can spit," said Premier in an interview with XXL. "So when we finished mixing the album, I wanted to keep the lyrics and put a brand new beat to it, so that it sounded like a whole new song."

MC Eiht also talked about remixing the original version of "Runn the Blocc" and what he wanted to capture in the song's lyrics.

"When I originally got the beat from Brenk, rather than do something that glorified hustling, I wanted to drop something more along the storyline of how it's so stressful in the streets. Then Premier sent MayLAy and I a beat, and it just fit my vision of how the game used to be perfectly, knowing hustling is still a necessary evil and having to deal with everything that comes with it. Preemo heard the final product and said it needed to be on the album, so now it's official," added the former Compton's Most Wanted member.

You can hear the newly remixed cut below.

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