MC Eiht shows that he hasn't lost a lyrical step on his new song "Got That," featuring DJ Premier, because he truly spazzes over a beat by Brenk Sinatra.

The in-the-pocket flow, the the solid wordplay, the dope imagery, it's all there. Not to mention the song has a hook that's extremely memorable.

"You reppin' the hood, Eiht? Got that / You smoking that good, Eiht? Got that / You reppin' the West, Eiht? Got that," says Preem, before the legendary rapper says "Leave it to your n--- to bring the streets back."

In an interview with XXL, Eiht said that he knows what many rap fans want nowadays and that's solid lyrics and delivery, so he was intent on giving them both.

"This is one of those fierce '100 Miles and Running' tracks," he said. "The direction was to focus on what I felt was needed, which is delivery and wordplay. Preem felt the hook, so he added his vocals. I know rap heads want bars. This is straight flavor."

The new song is off the rapper's forthcoming album Which Way Iz West, which is due out on June 30. You can listen to it below.

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