Maxwell came under fire earlier today after a string of well, misguided tweets. The singer tried to lend his voice to the ongoing police violence against black people and the Dallas shootings but insisted on repeatedly using the hashtag "HumanLivesMatter."

Of course, people immediately corrected singer, although they kept their chastisement pretty gentle, considering it was Twitter and all.

"Sending this with love @Maxwell. It's #BlackLivesMatter. You know that. Don't do this. You're better than this," one person wrote.

Other people came to defense, saying the singer, who just released his first album in seven years, blackSUMMERS'nightwas just confused, bless his heart.

"Like, I think Maxwell thought he was helping," one person wrote.

Maxwell's string of tweets started with a picture of protestors holding up a sign that read "you don't have to be black to be outraged." However, he captioned the picture with, "this will not end good if we don't do something" followed by an #AmericanLivesMatter and #HumanLivesMatter hashtag. And that's where it all went downhill, as the singer proceeded to shoot off a series of seemingly well-meaning tweets that all included some variation of the #HumanLivesMatter hashtag.

"At this point I don't even care about my album, it's almost frivolous too me," he wrote, tagging it again with "HumanLivesMatter."

As people began responding to his tweets, Maxwell seemed to attempt to explain himself.

"Conflict resolution is the only way or more will die, innocent civilians and cops alike," he wrote, followed by the hashtags #myopinion, #notanorder.

In the end, he did add acknowledge that black lives matter.

"Don't misinterpret my feelings here," he wrote. "I just want peace. Whatever gets us there is my objective." He tagged the tweet with #BlackLivesMatter, #HumanLivesMatter, #life.

Read Maxwell's series of tweets and Twitter's response below.

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