Max B's ex, Gina Conway, testified for the prosecution in the rapper's murder trial last week. According to Conway's statement, Max (born Charly Wingate) planned the 2006 murder/robbery in a fit of jealousy after she informed him that her now boyfriend Allan Plowden bought her expensive gifts and "drove a $120,000 Mercedes Benz and routinely carried cash."

The former Dip Set rapper then promised to "get" Plowden, recruiting his step-brother Kelvin Leerdam to rob Plowden's Holiday Inn hotel room in New Jersey. Leerdam, accompanied by Conway, managed to completely bungle the robbery, which unfortunately resulted in the murder of Plowden's associate, David Taylor, and the subsequent arrests of Conway, Leerdam and Max B.

While Leerdam and Max immediately denied their roles in the murder, Conway began cooperating with the prosecution, delivering a 169 page statement in exchange for a lighter sentence of armed robbery and manslaughter, and 18 years in prison.

Conway claimed that the motive for her involvement in the crime was loyalty, saying her ax had promised her "That if I pulled it off, then he would love me forever...Charly said he was sorry for what happened and that he was going to take care of me."

The former stripper will be cross-examined by the lawyers for the defendants, who face life sentences if found guilty.