Max B isn't letting a little thing like prison stop him from releasing music. The incarcerated rapper dropped his solo debut, 'Vigilante Season,' a week earlier than scheduled.

The album, which was slated for a March 29 release through Amalgam Digital, hit the Internet earlier this week. "Yo f--- this fake a-- plastic music industry bulls--- and all it's smoke and mirrors," wrote the label's founder, Next. "We are going to show you what being a real independent is all about."

Max's first single, 'Money Make Me Feel Better,' was released last month, and the album retails for $8.99 on the label's website. Dame Grease, Max's longtime collaborator, is noted as one of three producers on the 16-track effort, featuring songs like 'Tattoos on Her A--,' 'Blowin My High' and 'F--- You.'

The Harlem native signed a deal with the label back in 2008, before going to prison in 2009, for murder and conspiracy charges. According to authorities, Max, born Charles Wingate, commissioned the help of his step-brother, Kelvin Leerdam and his ex-girlfriend, Gina Conway, to rob Conway's new boyfriend, Allan Plowden, at a Holiday Inn hotel room in New Jersey. The robbery resulted in the murder of one of Plowden's friends, David Taylor. Max was later sentenced to 75 years behind bars and is attempting to appeal the conviction.

Watch Max B's 'Blowin My High'

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