Former Dip Set rapper Max B received a 75-year sentence today, for his role in planning an attempted robbery which left one man dead in a New Jersey hotel in 2006. Max allegedly plotted to have step-brother Kevin Leerdam and ex-girlfriend Gina Conway rob Allan Plowden, whom Conway had been seeing at the time, at a Fort Lee, NJ, Holiday Inn.

Leardam and Conway botched the robbery, however, and Plowden's associate David Taylor was shot in the head by Leardam, execution-style, while Plowden was able to escape and warn the authorities.

Found guilty of murder and conspiracy back in June, Max was finally sentanced today, receiving 75 years for his role in the shooting. Prior to his sentencing, Max claimed he was disappointed with his representation in the case, and fired his attorney, Gerald Saluti.

His step-brother Leerdam received a life sentence, plus 35 years, while Gina Conway, who testified against the two, will face her sentencing later today. She is expected to receive a much lighter bid, thanks to her testimony.

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