Charly "Max B" Wingate has a long, long haul ahead of him. On Sept. 3, the rapper was sentenced to a whopping 75 years in prison for taking part in a robbery that left a man dead. The Harlem-based artist intends to appeal, but lacks the necessary funds to hire a new legal team. Fans: this is where you come in.

"Dear Max B Fans," reads a message posted by his mother on a tribute Myspace page. "We have been given a second chance to get Max B a new trial. Judge Carroll, the presiding judge over Max B's case, has given us 22 days to retain a new legal counsel for a new trial. The 75 years sentence will be set aside. If you want to Seriously Free Max B now is your chance to show your love & support. We are urgently asking all Max B fans to show your support by sending dollars to his Legal Defense Fund."

The Free Max B tribute page is riddled with tags requesting one dollar per fan, claiming that a single buck will get him out of prison. While it's tempting to simply list other things we could all obtain for a dollar (4-piece McNuggets, anyone?), this is definitely a serious matter. How much cash is needed in all? No one says. Either way, if you're interested in donating, click here.

In related news, Max B is also available for features and drops from prison if you want to swap hard earned green for some Bergen County Jail realism. The offer is on the table.