Mathew Knowles, former manager of Beyonce and Destiny's Child, is at work to create the next chart-topping female group. Bey's father, who split professionally from his daughter in March, after he managed her burgeoning career for more than 20 years, is setting his sights on another global girl group takeover with From Above.

Beyonce's father partnered with MTV to create a new reality show 'Breaking From Above,' which will feature five girls from the U.K. and two from the U.S. The women will compete on air for a slot in 'From Above,' the new girl group that will emerge from Knowles' trademarked Star Power Boot Camp of hardcore physical, vocal, media and choreography training.

"If I'm the lead singer, I've got to know that, accept that, and all the members have got to accept it," he said. "Everybody's role has to be established at day one," said Knowles, who serves as executive producer of the show.

"Most reality shows are about putting together groups, this is the opposite," he added.

The girl group aficionado, who founded the record label and management company Music World Entertainment, currently has numerous artists on his roster, including Trin-i-tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Juanita Bynum, Micah Stampley, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and Rudy, among others.

The reality show airs over MTV affiliates in 160 countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy but it's undetermined when it will run in the U.S.

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