Crooner Marques Houston serves as a father figure in the dance film "Battlefield America." The role is a far cry from his days on the set of "You Got Served." When playing the part of Sean Lewis, a successful marketing guy who attempts to turn misfit kids into dance champs as part of his community service detail, the singer-actor learned a lot about motivating children, even when the cameras weren't on.

"There's six kids I'm working with and there's candy and there's soda around and [the kids are] going a mile a minute then when you need them to work they done burned off all that energy so they're tired," Houston told The BoomBox. "So I really had to be motivational and take on that role off-camera."

The film initially finds Houston's character despising the rugrats he's court-ordered to train but eventually he warms up to them. In an exclusive clip provided to The BoomBox, the growth of their relationship is witnessed as Houston protects his kids from a rival dance team's bullying ways.

"Battlefield America" is available on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Watch Marques Houston in a "Battlefield America" Exclusive Clip

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Watch Marques Houston in "Battlefield America - Trailer"

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