Bow Wow went on a Twitter rampage today, attacking controversial XM radio host Charlamagne Tha God's co-host Jason Lee for bringing his name up in a conversation about sex abuse.

The drama began when Charlamagne and Lee conducted a phone interview with former B2K member Raz-B, who claims that he and the other members of his group were repeatedly sexually abused by his cousin and former manager Chris Stokes and R&B singer Marques Houston. Lee raised Bow Wow's ire when he inquired as to whether Bow Wow was involved in the molestations, as he was frequently seen with B2K at the time.

"There were rumors allegedly that [former B2K member] Fizz was with Bow Wow," Lee said.

"Bow Wow used to always come to the house in Diamond Bar," Raz-B confirmed, before alluding to further goings-on. "I've always seen some weird s--- before."

Bow Wow responded this morning via Twitter, threatening Lee for dragging his name into the mess. "Leave that funny s--- over there n----. I dont know you for u to be speaking my name. keep my f---ing name out yo mouth u h-- a-- n----," Bow Wow wrote. "That last tweet is for the radio n---- who brought my name up tryna start sumn in an interview. @cthagod you my n---- but ya man is a b----." While Jason Lee and Charlamagne have yet to respond to the Bow Wow's threats, the entire situation seems extremely complicated and sad. Listen to the interview here.

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