Marques Houston is taking legal action against former B2K member Raz-B, and his persistent claims of molestation. A judge in Van Nuys, Calif. granted Houston a restraining order against Raz on Wednesday (Nov. 3) citing "emotional distress" after video of a heated phone confrontation between the two hit the Internet last month.

In the video, Raz, born DeMario Thorton, consistently accuses Houston and former manager Chris Stokes of molesting him as a teenager. "About three weeks ago, DeMario Thornton, aka Raz B, released a video recording via the internet of a conversation that we had," Houston wrote in the paperwork. "DeMario is screaming at me, he has a deranged demeanor and is not acting like a reasonable person. After I hung up on DeMario, he continued recording himself and falsely accused me of molesting him." Raz has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from the 30-year-old, his job and his vehicle.

Houston also argues that the video, which was subsequently picked up by various media outlets, caused him anguish, and also fears for his safety, theorizing that Raz may become violent should they come in contact with one another.

Raz has posted a few different videos in which he claims to have been molested. He has also recorded videos of a phone conversation with another alleged victim of Stokes', and called out former band member Omarion, for allegedly knowing about the abuse, all while plugging his upcoming album release.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for Nov. 22.

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