Is she singing about Nick Cannon, her ex-fiancé James Packer or is she just delivering a new tune?

It's unclear, but Mariah Carey just dropped her new single "I Don't," featuring YG, where she sings about leaving her man after being mistreated.

"I'm tired of crying, no more tears / Pity party of the year, cold at night 'cause you're not here / Leaving you was my worst fear / I was caught up I was blind / You kept playing with my mind / Told you I'm finished, gassed up the whip and rear view, bye," she sings.

YG rhymes towards the end of the song, and he also delivers a verse about a relationship's demise.

"Hold up, I just got you the ring, for what? / I put you in the game, now it's game over / Every time you went to the Louis store you got chauffeured / Hold up, how you gon' leave that? / Hold up, give me my ring back," he spits.

Mariah's new album is reportedly due out sometime this year, so it's possible we'll be hearing some more singles from her soon.

For now, you can listen to a snippet of "I Don't" here.

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