Mariah Carey has been relatively quiet since giving birth to twins back in April, in comparison to husband Nick Cannon, who some say hasn't been quiet enough. But the singer made up for lost time with a marathon Paula Abdul-inspired appearance on the Home Shopping Network on Sunday night (July 24).

During the brilliant, two-hour spot, Mariah made up new words, rambled about phantom butterflies and repeatedly complained about her "bleak" pregnancy, while also selling her new lifestyle collection, which includes fragrance Lollipop Bling.

"No, I didn't select that name," she confessed, unprompted. "Sorry, it was something I couldn't undo. It wasn't my favorite name, but people love it."

"It's been a long time baby, and it has been a rough road," the 41-year-old diva lamented to the polite HSN host, before Cannon took her side. "I was in February. Honey, it was bleak for me."

edited together a four-minute video of the best moments of Mariah's appearance, which you can view below, and FourFour posted a video of her 71 mentions of the word "love," which was also translated into poetic verse.

Watch Mariah Carey on the Home Shopping Network