Two weeks after giving birth, Mariah Carey has finally brought her twins home. The songbird was discharged from a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend and understandably excited about being with her two babies: Monroe, a girl, and Moroccan Scott, a boy.

"Yes, I am on a tweet spree but its cause I'm finally HOME!" Carey wrote Saturday (May 14). The new mom also revealed that she has been singing the twins to sleep. "#dembabies aka Roc+Roe are sleeping peacefully:)I just finished singing 2 them(softly!) Feeling so blessed."

While his wife has been at home, husband Nick Cannon has returned back to work. The 30-year-old, whose comedy album 'Mr. Showbiz' hit stores yesterday, tweeted that it was "hard" to leave his children but that he was "excited" to be back at work.

Carey gave birth at the end of April and although she has called the twins an "incredible gift," she ran into a little trouble last week when a social worker investigated her for potential child neglect.

As previously reported by Cannon, the couple was visited by Child and Family Services after news of Carey reportedly drinking while breast feeding made the tabloid circuit. The incident turned out to be, what Cannon believes, the work of an opportunist attempting to land a story in the tabloids. Carey was said to have taken a sip of Guinness beer upon the suggestion of a nurse who advised her that the dark beer would help stimulate milk production.

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