Fans got excited after Mannie Fresh released “Heat” featuring Juvenile, Lil Wayne and Birdman. It marked the start of a possible Hot Boys reunion project. While that’s still in the making, Fresh recently revealed that Tunechi and Baby are still at odds with each other.

In an interview with Genius, the New Orleans producer talked about how the song “Hate” came to fruition.

"I was DJing in Miami and asked Juvenile to do the gig with me," Fresh recalls. "I was like, 'I’m gonna get a studio in Miami and see what comes out.' Hit Factory wasn’t available so I hit up this studio literally right down the street."

"Me and Juve in there cutting the song. I was like, 'It’d be cool if we did it like a Hot Boys song,'" he continued. "I called Lil Wayne and he was two blocks down the street at Hit Factory. He was like, 'Bring the song over!'

And the rest is history.

Although Birdman makes a cameo on the track, it doesn't necessarily mean that his legal battle with Lil Wayne is over. The 47-year-old producer said there's still tension between "father and son."

"I can see how paperwork and foolishness can destroy something. Everything is not resolved with him and Wayne," he said. "But I overcame it by saying to them, 'We can resolve all that behind the curtain, but for now, let’s make music for the people.' When it all started coming together, the brotherly love came out. We did the song, then, 'I wish you the best, we should do it more often.'

As for this supposed Hot Boys reunion album, Fresh said that's probably not going to happen. Instead, he's going to feature members of the Hot Boys on various tracks on his upcoming album.

"I have verses from B.G. - I’m definitely gonna incorporate that, if I have to make it a hook, or whatever," he explains. "That’s super important. You will hear his voice on some of the songs."

"This project that I’m doing now on Mass Appeal isn’t really about the Hot Boys or Cash Money - it’s about Mannie Fresh," he adds. "Everybody’s screaming for it - "We want that good feel music back!" I’m gonna bring it to you."

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